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  • Temptations and How to deal with them - By Brother Gary Hunter, Brother Alexandru Remus and Sister Sugi Mi-cha-El
  • Standing On No-Curse Ground - By Brother Nishant Silas
  • How to get DE-ADDICTED? - By Brother Kamlesh Sagar, Brother Alexandru Remus and Sister Sugi Mi-cha-El
  • Facing Challenges and Dealing with them by the power of Holy Spirit - By Sister Sugi Mi-cha-El
  • God's Eternal Ambition for Us - By Brother David Huang
  • Jesus' Prayer through Temptation - By Brother David Huang
  • A Heart Set Free For Heaven - By Brother David Huang
  • How can we conquer a Bad habit? By Sister Jhen Onia
  • The teaching of Jesus---"poor in spirit" - By Sister Jhen Onia
Music in various genres and languages by various musicians for The Lord:-
  • Music by GRACE Foundation
  • Music by Songsters of Salvation & The Salvation Crusade
  • Music by various solo artists and bands from various nations
Poems by various poets for The Lord
  • Poems by Sister Manju Suri
  • Poems by Brother Alexandru Remus
  • Poems by Sister Sugi Mi-cha-El