eternalYfe Combining Business with Social Service to Make Dreams Come Alive

The eternalYfe Software Division is devoted to offer low-cost quality services and products. We believe in collaborating with IT Organizations and Professionals for mutual benefit and growth.

We believe in being agile and continuously adapting to new requirements and technologies.

We, along with our Collaborators, have experience in the following areas:-
1. Developing applications for various domains such as Real Estate, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Travel & Transportation
2. Animations, Graphics and Multi-media
3. GIS - Geographical Information Systems
4. Digital Marketing
5. Web-hosting

We, along with our Collaborators, are experienced in the following technologies:-
1. J2EE
2. PHP
3. RIA using OpenLaszlo and Flex
4. Android
5. Visual effects(VFX), 3D Max, Maya
6. Web Designing
7. .NET

If you would like to participate in this cause in any way, mail us at:

We are and will be continuing to collaborate with various IT Organizations and IT Professionals.

If you are a new customer and have a software requirement, we will be pleased to do pilot project(s) for you.