eternalYfe Combining Business with Social Service to Make Dreams Come Alive

Owner/President, based in Pune, India.

She has 24+ years in Software Application Development. Worked with K & P IT, Mastek Ltd., IBM Global Services, Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Saama Technologies & eInfochips Ltd.

She freelances as an Independent Software Professional and also setting up eternalYfe.

She is spiritual and believes in serving GOD by helping people of all religions, races, caste, creed, gender; even people who don't believe in the existence of GOD.

Music is her passion. She is a Praise & Worship Leader, the founder and vocalist of one of the early rock/white metal bands from India: The Salvation Crusade and co-founder of the mission band: Songsters of Salvation. She also composes songs in multiple languages & plays the guitar.

Can be reached at:

Vice-President (Word Ministry), based in Voluntari, Romania.

He had worked with Toyota Company as a Car professional for 5.5 years. He is a passionate writer of poems and quotes, primarily caters to Facebook community as his main audience.

He participates in decison-making and is helping in setting up eternalYfe remotely.

A very dynamic writer, he writes on anything and everything such as love, nature, sadness, depression, happiness & many more including GOD and The Scriptures!!! As an in-charge of Word-based ministry, he is handling emagazine "GOD is Love, GOD is Grace" development and also learning website-development related technologies on the job!

Can be reached at: